Creating digital experiences


Hello! I’m an IT expert, service-oriented leader, and digital product manager.

I provide decades of diverse IT experience and hold a Master of Science degree focused on design research. I've also earned certifications as a Project Management Professional (PMP), Lean Six Sigma practitioner, and other advanced IT credentials.


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Analytical and Creative Focus

User Experience

Iterating toward user delight via design research and testing.

Development Operations

Goal-oriented websites and apps with continuous improvements.

Data Informed Decisions

Expertise is required to develop meaningful insights that inform.

Communications Design

Impactful communications design is a professional passion.

Collaboration & Empathy

Effective interpersonal skills required to engage diverse stakeholders.

Business Acumen

Entrepreneurial background, well versed in business and marketing.

Sample Clients

Providing digital innovation is my passion and talent.


Multidisciplinary approach to IT including design, development, communications, and business.


NYU Stern School of Business

Program: Business Certificate


ASU Design School

Major: Master of Science in Design Research


Thesis: User experience evaluation for e-learning


Applied: Prototype for ASU's Sustainability Literacy Certificate


PMI Project Management Professional (PMP)




Google Analytics Certified Consultant




Biz-Nova IT Project Management




Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt



Pratt Institute, NYC

Major: Bachelor of Arts


Concentration: Web Design/Development


Minor: Art & Design History


Bryan is an exceptional partner in achieving the goals of our organization. He brings a solution-oriented approach to every conversation. I am always impressed by his knowledge of web technology, design and proposes web marketing strategies that enhance our performance. Bryan sets the example for consistently excellent service.

Karen Culver, Marketing Director

I can't recommend Bryan highly enough. He is the consummate professional. He is easy to work with, highly competent, quick to respond, and well-informed. I've never seen him miss a deadline nor received anything but high-quality work back from him.

Matt Scholz, Program Manager

Bryan Barker wears many hats at ASU – he is a great mentor, project manager, designer and friend. I admire his sensitivity to detail, patience and perseverance. I'm so thankful to work with him every day.

Daniel Cavanaugh, Photographer

Bryan assisted my team, the public events group, with marketing and event production for the 200+ events the Institute hosted during the year. Bryan not only helped to produce great digital outreach strategies, he also was helpful in suggesting ways to improve on current processes. I really appreciate Bryan's creativity, helpful attitude, and his willingness to try innovative approaches to continually improve the customer experience.

Lesley Forst Michalegko, Program Manager

Bryan is thoughtful, strategic, analytical and organized in his efforts to take complex information and present it to non-expert audiences, also developing the SEO strategies to make sure they find it. He understands clean, straight-forward yet artistic interfaces to make your content pop, accessible at your audiences' fingertips.

Mick Dalrymple, Director

I have had the opportunity to work with Bryan since 2014 and he has provided intelligent, strategic, level guidance and support for our web and digital strategies throughout. Bryan is a very thoughtful and collaborative colleague, always looking for opportunities to learn and advance our goals. I've learned a lot from his expertise regarding digital engagement and trust him as a mindful sounding board and brainstorming partner.

Jason Franz, Senior Manager

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